Welcome to Reading Megagames

Welcome to Reading Megagames

Hello and welcome to our new website Reading Megagames, headed up by a group of megagame enthusiasts that were looking to provide more games within Reading and its surrounding areas.

We have had our inaugural admin meeting and i am pleased to announce that the ball is actively rolling and gaining momentum.

The group name had been decided on “Reading Megagames” naturally and the domain was registered, hosting was set and our website was born. It is a work in progress so we will be adding more content and pictures as the months roll along.

We are also lucky to have several members that have already been working on projects in their own time, which are soon to come to fruition so with any luck we will be putting up details soon.

We have also been busily scouting for additional venues to be used within Reading and surrounding areas, and play testing of new game concepts has given us all a good vibe for things to come.

So from all of us here at Reading Megagames we hope we can provide you with some excellent content in the coming months.

Until then … Happy Gaming