The Shot Heard Around the Universe!

As Beyond Sector teeters on the brink of rebellion, its inhabitants must find a way to navigate between the powerful Terran Space Empire and the rebels of Free Beyond. Uncertainty brings risks, but also opportunities – can you find a way to exploit the situation and end up on top?

Reading Megagames are pleased to announce that we will be running Tim Campbell’s megagame The Shot Heard Around the Universe on the 2nd of November. Previously run by Pennine Megagames, this epic space opera megagame explores themes of loyalty and rebellion, ideology and self-interest, and was thoroughly enjoyed on its first outing.

The game will be held at Wycliffe Baptist Church in Reading, just a short bus ride (or a moderate walk) from Reading train station. Registration will start at 09.30, and the game will run from 10.00-17.00. Tea and coffee will be provided; players will need to bring their own lunch (or purchase from the nearby shops during the game).

To book, head over to our Eventbrite page. Regular updates will also be posted on our Facebook event. For any other queries, you can post on the event or contact us right here.

Game details

Beyond Sector is the newest – and most troublesome – acquisition of the Terran Space Empire. The worlds there are far from integrated into the wider Empire, and the taxes levied to support the Bug War have stirred unrest from numerous sources. Old rivalries simmer, and views on the newly developed gene-modding technology sharply divide the sector.
Players will take the roles of the leaders of the worlds of Beyond Sector, local Imperial forces, secessionists, journalists, or the original non-human inhabitants of the sector. They will manage politics, economics, warfare and espionage as they work to bring about their vision for the future of the sector.