The History of Free Beyond: Imperial Government

### Electronic copy of classified briefing document prepared for newly arriving Beyond Sector Governor Arabella Indira Theresa von Granger vam Soso vam Underwood verch Byers. This document was publicly released by the unauthorised newscast Radio Free Beyond following a network security breach ###

Madam Governor,

I have prepared the following report to prepare you for your new role as Governor of Beyond Sector. As you are aware, your learned father has expended no small amount of effort to secure this role for you, and it is vital that your efforts are seen to be successful in the Imperial Court.

Beyond Sector is the Imperial Sector furthest from the Imperial Core. It is a backward and underdeveloped region populated mainly by a local population still mired in loyalty to individual worlds. It is however rich in certain strategic minerals (notably lanthium) and borders Wilderness space; it is therefore not without opportunities for economic expansion. The local Ministry of Colonisation office should be consulted regarding expansion opportunities.

The most credible risk to your term in office is tensions between the local worlds. Most notably, the controversial technology of gene-modding originates from Beyond Sector and is widely used on multiple worlds there. This technology involves the genetic manipulation of human specimens to eliminate all free will and emotions from the subject. In combination with further genetic alterations to enhance physical strength and hardiness and implant knowledge regarding certain tasks, this creates an unparalleled worker suitable for all manner of menial labour.

While this technology does present considerable opportunities for economic growth, concerns have been raised on moral, legal, and sociological grounds by various groups. The moral argument is that to deprive these potential human beings of the chance to live full and meaningful lives is cruel and inhumane and is most commonly espoused by certain religious and liberal groups. Some representatives of workers groups have argued that the creation of a tireless workforce who do not require pay will cause mass unemployment. Finally, there remain questions regarding the legality of the technology and whether it might contradict the Imperial Edict proscribing slavery. At present the Emperor has not issued any ruling on the subject, and it is possible a Gubernatorial Edict may be needed to clarify the situation.

Beyond Sector is plagued with an unusually active secessionist movement, which has shown increasing sophistication in carrying out complex attacks on high value targets coupled with multi-layer information operations. The current Minister of Security was killed in a roving attacker operation on the Imperial administrative world of Scafell, and the Imperial Navy has reported a ramming attack against one of their vessels. You may wish to request a further report from the local Sector Admiral and the Ministers for Stability and Security on arrival.

Reports from the Bug front are that the war is progressing well, and the Navy is on the advance. Beyond Sector is on the far side of the galaxy to Bug space and direct involvement would be highly implausible. Nevertheless, it is probable that the costs of prosecuting the war may lead to an increase in required taxation from the various sectors, and preparations should be made to levy additional taxes. The Ministry of Finance will be able to advise on possible sources of income, and it is likely that Ministry of Information involvement will be required to manage possible negative public sentiment towards additional war taxes.

Remember more than anything else that it is vital that you are seen to be governing effectively for the duration of your term here. While this may not have been the posting that you would have wished for or had prepared for, it is for a strictly limited duration. Success here will propel your career onwards and upwards; perceived failure, regardless of conditions on the ground, could end it.

Your servant,

John verch Smith

### Radio Free Beyond commentary ###

Well, there you have it folks! The Supreme Overlord being sent to rule over us all is some Core Imperial Noble dilettante just looking at you as another springboard to bigger and better things. But don’t worry, because they’ve got their excuse lined up to tax you until your pips squeak! The whole Bug War is the greatest idea the Ministry of Information has ever come up with – find some minor semi-sentient species that looks ugly for the vids and declare that the whole galaxy is at threat! Tune in tomorrow for our expose on this fake war, and the oppressive system your tax credits will really be going towards.