Winter Planet

The Colonies of Beyond Sector: Monmouth

Monmouth was settled during the Great Exodus. Unfortunately, the colonists found their new world would be a challenging one to be a challenging one. While the atmosphere was breathable, the climate was harsh, with frequent storms. More importantly, the world lacked easily accessible sources of various metals vital to modern society. Over time, the people of Monmouth were unable to maintain much of the higher technology they brought with them. Civil society fragmented, with extended family groups – the Clans – becoming the main social unit.

The Clans are integral to the governance of Monmouth. The head of each Clan is entitled to speak at the Moot, which is the governing body of Monmouth. After contact with other spacefaring worlds, the Moot agreed to appoint one of their number as High King, who could speak for all of Monmouth. However, the High King’s authority is nominal, and the title can be claimed by any Chief who believes they are strong enough.

Lacking in material resources or industry, Monmouth’s main export remains its people. Honed by frequent inter-communal violence, Monmouth-born mercenaries are a common sight in brush wars across the Empire. Most notably, the Empire retains several Monmouth Legions, who have distinguished themselves in recent fighting in the Bug War. The Emir of Jasmine also retains an elite company of Monmouth Guards as his personal bodyguard; this role is highly sought after and extremely lucrative.

Approximately 5 years before the Reunification, Monmouth was invaded by Kentai during one of the many Kentai-Matisse conflicts. Easily sweeping aside the Monmouth space forces, the Kentai Grand Fleet landed troops at the clan strongholds and declared victory. This would prove to be premature.

The next 5 years were marked by incessant guerrilla warfare, as the Monmouth clans showed uncommon unity in the face of an external threat. Stung by steadily mounting losses, the Kentai poured in more troops. Reprisals became increasingly common, and several strongholds were simply destroyed by orbital bombardment. While the Monmouth forces had no ability to project power beyond their world, Kentai similarly proved unable to subdue the angry populace.

The matter was eventually decided by the arrival of Terran Space Empire forces, and the declaration of the Reunification War. The Kentai Grand Fleet was withdrawn to meet the new threat, with the Imperial Kentai Cabinet pledging that “they would return and fully subdue the Monmouth rabble once this new threat is dealt with”. Naturally, subjugation of the whole sector by Imperial Forces has delayed any resolution of this matter, but Kentai has never formally revoked its claim on Monmouth.