Urban Nightmare: London Calling - Chapter 2 - Jim Wallman

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The reports have been confirmed – the Z Virus is back. Can you hold London together?

28 days ago, protests in central London turned sinister as the crowds turned out to be incubating the Z Virus, which had such a devastating impact in the USA two years ago. As the Metropolitan Police and Army scrambled to respond, lines of authority blurred, and infighting between City Hall and Downing Street threatened to undermine relief efforts.


After weeks of uncertainty, a cordon has been drawn, and NATO reinforcements have begun to arrive. Can London be reclaimed? Can any of the infected be saved? Will the new Prime Minister hold onto power? One way or another, the next few days will decide.
Urban Nightmare: London Calling 28 Days Later is the second half of a 2-part megagame of crisis management, political infighting and resource scarcity – with zombies.
Player roles include:

  • Prime Minister & Cabinet
  • The Press
  • London Outbreak Crisis Committee (overseeing the crisis)
  • UK Armed Forces
  • NATO Armed Forces
  • Intelligence Services
  • The Mayor and Greater London Authority
  • London’s police forces
  • London Fire Brigade
  • NHS leadership, hospital managers and medical scientists


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Club 1927 - John Keyworth - Reading Megagames

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Two years ago the ‘27 Accord was agreed upon by the rival gangs of New Reading after a period of intense gang warfare. This accord was signed in the Club 1927 speakeasy which has been considered neutral territory ever since.

Not everyone was happy with the accord, and cracks are starting to show. As long as no one rocks the boat maybe it will hold together…

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Black Ships - Matilde Robinson

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July, 1853 – Commodore Matthew Perry and his fleet arrive off the coast of Japan, triggering an existential crisis for the isolationist Tokugawa Shogunate. The American admiral is determined to open up new markets and create a Pacific trading partner, using force if necessary. Japan gradually divides between isolationist and globalist groups, and the Shogun’s inability to see off the “barbarian” threat pushes the Emperor to prominence in Japanese politics for the first time in almost 700 years.

As long-standing rivalries and resentments re-emerge, rising external and internal pressures threaten to undermine the delicate power balance between the Tokugawa Shogun and Japan’s feudal Daimyō that has kept the country at peace for over 200 years. The outcome of events will determine Japan’s position in the world and the direction of Japanese history for the next century. Radical change is coming – where it leads is up to you.