A look into the brain of a Megagame designer

We have a couple of group meetings and the admin team had a chance to play test several new game ideas. I have play tested a couple of megagames in the past that were already in use but needed refining.

But this was my first experience of play testing on a megagame at its earliest stages.  A megagame alpha test for want of a better description.

Now …. I am somewhat creative myself, and I’m not just stating this hyperbole or even in a manner to “blow my own horn” but I have the ability to put my hand to most things DIY including creative woodwork, website design, graphical artwork and video editing. I am also an avid photographer and a keen cosplayer who builds with EVA foam.

I am also one of the lucky few who have even built content for some popular PC games as well as being an  listed Alpha tester for two big game developers.

But I have to admit that i was blown away by the shear level of ingenuity these guys and girls have managed to conceptualize for their own megagames.

I cant help but feel somewhat dumbfounded when looking at the amount of creative input that some of the guys and girls have single-handedly shoehorned into their budding game concepts.

It was also intriguing to watch them come up with additional ideas on the fly while we discussed feedback during the play testing.  I can safely admit that I had never contemplated the amount of brainstorming required to build up a set of rules and conditions for a game on your own.

Not only having to come up with the general game concept itself but then adding to it the individual components for each of the roles and the impact they will have on the each other and the game as a whole. All the while building in some buffering room to facilitate players in being able to play the game with a little flexibility.

It has certainly given me a greater appreciation for the people that run Megagames.

Not only have they had to bring their concepts from the darkest corners of their grey matter out into the fold through long hours of brainstorming and trail and error play testing. But then producing the physical  aspects that we all use while playing while still having the fortitude to organize, setup and run the game itself.

So to all you budding Megagame architects out there, and to those that have already claimed their place as seasoned Megagame designers, I whole heartedly salute you and thank you for what you have brought to us all.