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Multi Level Gaming
Will you stick to your team briefing documentation and play as a devout player for the good of the team ?
Will you bend the wording of your character description to suit your own personal or political agenda ?
Or will you go rogue and use espionage and hidden tactics to create internal conflict within your team to side with a rival ?

If it's within the rules then the choice is yours, enjoy playing the game in your own style and create an ever shifting dynamic in every game.
'Roleplayer' or 'Gamer'
Immerse yourself as you see fit

It doesn't matter if you wish to just play the game, opt for a little am-dram or bust out your best cosplay gear and show off your acting skills in a manner that even the Shakespeare Theater would be proud of.

Everyone is encouraged to play how they feel comfortable.
Help Run The Game
For the budding Dungeon Masters and Game Moderators out there, your keen story telling skills can be part of the fun.

Many games require control members to help the game flow efficiently and effectively, help mediate the rules to keep the game immersive and fun.

But the control team also help provide players with hints and options as to how they can play their roles and even expand on team decisions within the game without breaking the rules.