Arrival Megagame

Their Arrival Is Imminent

That’s right folks Arrival the Megagame is coming to Reading!

It will be held at St Lukes Parish Hall in Reading (23 Erleigh Rd, Reading RG1 5LR) on November Saturday 10th.

So whats is it all about i here you ask, well to keep it simple here is the synopsis from their facebook page.

This is our take on Watch the Skies. It still has all the nations you know and love (and their nuclear arsenals). It even has power-hungry corporations. Now we have added puzzle-solving! Can you figure out the alien language or understand their technology?

Two alien races known to the humans as Katta Utim* and Zhilinka* are engaged in interstellar warfare in the spiral arm of the galaxy which contains the Earth. The alien generals have examined the new front and both sides determine that Sol system is currently of strategic importance. Small detachments from each side have been ordered to take and hold the Sol system by securing the Earth.

The setting for this game was inspired by the classic 1950s sci fi story by Willian Tenn ‘the Liberation of Earth’

If you would like to play then please contact us to book a spot!

Or book directly using our Eventbrite page.