The Shot Heard Around the Universe – Cast List


Deputy Commander, Matisse Navy: Anthony Howgego
Space Forces Commander: Matthew Bambridge
Quartermaster General:  


Sovereign: Chrissie Sliney-Biss
Minister of War: Oliver Sliney-Biss
Minister of Trade: Alex Beck


Senior Member: Edward Cook
Member for the Militia: Thomas Wilson
Member for Commerce: Oscar Diamond

Helen’s World

Chancellor: Oliver Moody
Proctor: John Attwell
Bursar: Linas Kondrackis

New Angeles

President: Russel Kent
Secretary of Defence: Jonathan Fyfe
Secretary of Commerce: Esme Moore


Emir Fazad: Harrison Tatem-Wyatt
HRH Princess Nasreem: Camaren Tatem-Wyatt
Voice of Thel: Marcus Johns

Yang 3

Chief Executive: Matt Keech
VP for Security: John Mizon
VP for Exports:  



High King Malcolm: James MacFarlane
Chief Connolly: Jarod Nash
Chief Gibson: Ben Williams

Terran Space Empire

Sector Governor: Sarah Bishop
Sector Admiral: Tim Case
Commodore: Michael Chapman
Commodore: Sebastian Mason
Minister for Stability: Dan Cope
Minister for Security: Luke Murray
Minister for Trade: Dan Sawyer
Minister for Finance: John Children
Minister for Colonisation: Elynor Kamil
Minister for Information: Mike Smith

Free Beyond!

Beyond Liberation Navy: Edward McDaniel
Radio Free Beyond: Jon Searle
Beyonder Sovereignty Movement: Andrew Shiel Dods
People’s Front of Beyond: Chris Brown


Krill: Darren Green
Krill: Llusia Astruc


Game Control: Ed Silverstone
Assistant Game Control: Matilde Robinson
Map Control: Jen Steel
Trade Control: Barbara Croker
Espionage Control: Rory Thomas
Constitution Control: John Keyworth