The Colonies of Beyond Sector: New Angeles

New Angeles – a new Beyond! It was with this slogan that the Ministry of Colonisation started to promote the post-Reunification New Beyonder initiative. The intention was to settle entirely new worlds within Beyond Sector, both to show the locals the advantages that Imperial development could bring, and to provide bastions of loyal Imperial citizenry in case of any insurrection amongst the newly conquered worlds.

While Yang 3 was bought outright by the Yang Corporation and Jasmine’s colonisation was a Ministry of Stability program, New Angeles was the Ministry of Colonisation’s pet project. The Ministry of Information ran extensive advertising campaigns on overcrowded Core worlds that touted the opportunity to ‘Start Again’, on a world with enough space for everyone, clean air to breathe, and a chance to create a world from scratch. The government of Elizabeth did raise a protest once the selected world was identified, claiming that they had already earmarked it for future expansion, but they were summarily overruled.

The campaign did successfully raise the number of colonists needed but had an unintended side effect. The sort of people who were willing to sign up for what was likely to be a one-way trip to a distant backwater sector were generally those who were in some way discontented with life in the Imperial Core. Efforts were made to screen out any dangerous radicals, but political activists, idealists, and ideologues of every flavour made the trip.

Many new worlds settled by private initiatives struggle to survive in the first few years, and it can be decades before they become major players in local politics. New Angeles benefited from a development plan drawn up by the Ministry of Colonisation’s brightest minds, and considerable direct investment from the Sector government. Within two decades, New Angeles had been successfully bootstrapped to a position of prominence.

While New Angeles does possess significant industry and agriculture, its most famous output is culture. Numerous holovids, musical compositions, and artworks are produced here. If you want to know what upmarket citizens of Elizabeth or Kentai will be wearing in 6 months – you only need to walk the streets of New Angeles. Certain especially notable performances have even been shown in the Core worlds.

The citizens of New Angeles chose to govern themselves as an indirect democracy, with directly elected senators representing their constituents in the New Angeles Senate. The executive role is filled by a President, who is again directly elected by the citizenry. The population is highly engaged, and pressure groups on almost every conceivable topic can be found here. Freedom of speech, religion and assembly are enshrined in the New Angeles constitution, and few topics are off-limit. The New Angeles Senate has vigorously resisted attempts by the Ministry of Stability to limit acceptable subjects for debate, and thus far the Ministry has not pushed the matter.

One pressure group which deserves specific mention is the Humanist Society. They are dedicated to halting the enslavement of innocents in the name of gene-modding. They hold that it is a barbaric practice which causes unnecessary suffering and have repeatedly petitioned the Sector Governor to outlaw the production of any further gene-mods. This view has popular support on New Angeles, and the Senate has passed motions of condemnation against worlds making use of the technology. Relations with Helen’s World and Elizabeth are unsurprisingly poor.

The New Beyonder ethos is alive and well on New Angeles. Most citizens believe that the advantages their world received from the start require them to ‘return the favour to the galaxy’, and New Angeles does contribute an unusual amount of development aid to its neighbouring worlds. Unfortunately, this attitude has contributed to New Angeles reputation for arrogance and superiority.