Relics Of The Fall - John Keyworth - Reading Megagames - 25th May 2019

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The old world is dead, the End Time came and the new world is not a place for the faint of heart.

The Indicus Wilds are a range of mountains that form a barrier between two great nations. To the north, the Steel Empire rules over a freezing desert with an iron fist and a spiked boot. To the south, the Silk City States form a trade network that spans from the deserts in the west to the jungles of the south east.

Within the wilds themselves are the Wilder Societies. Nomads who have chosen to leave the security of Silk or Steel for the hardships and freedoms of the wild mountains. Here they answer to no master.

The Steel Tsar claims the mountains and will not stand for “rebel scum” infesting his borders. Two legion, the Immortals and the Heretics have been dispatched to resolve this disgraceful situation.

However, the societies have mastered the art of not being ruled. The terrain, their speed and their solidarity are their best defence. If that fails there are the Relic-Mechs.

From the era before the End Time that broke the world, they may not be a match for an entire legion head-to-head but their lost technology and superior mobility makes them a thorn that is hard to ignore

Meanwhile the Silk Cities to the south just want to trade with their neighbours, they aren’t interested in external politics as long as the markets remain open. This disinterest should not be mistaken for weakness though.

Relics of the Fall will be held at St Lukes Parish Hall, Reading, on the  25th May 2019

To book your place at Relics of the Fall, please head on over to our Eventbrite page. You can also join up to a Facebook event, where updates about the game and background about the setting will be posted in the weeks leading up to the game.

Castles in the Sky - Ed Silverstone - Reading Megagames

Castles in the Sky is still in development – to hear when bookings open, please contact us.

In an alternative, steampunk Renaissance Italy, inventors and engineers compete to push the limits of science, creating artistic marvels, technological wonders and dangerous weapons.

Wealthy patrons compete for control of the best and most prestigious advances, and jockey for political power. In the instability caused by the pace of the change, all bets are off – will you end up on top, or forgotten by history?

Black Ships - Matilde Robinson

Black Ships is still in development – to hear when bookings open, please contact us.

July, 1853 – Commodore Matthew Perry and his fleet arrive off the coast of Japan, triggering an existential crisis for the isolationist Tokugawa Shogunate. The American admiral is determined to open up new markets and create a Pacific trading partner, using force if necessary. Japan gradually divides between isolationist and globalist groups, and the Shogun’s inability to see off the “barbarian” threat pushes the Emperor to prominence in Japanese politics for the first time in almost 700 years.

As long-standing rivalries and resentments re-emerge, rising external and internal pressures threaten to undermine the delicate power balance between the Tokugawa Shogun and Japan’s feudal Daimyō that has kept the country at peace for over 200 years. The outcome of events will determine Japan’s position in the world and the direction of Japanese history for the next century. Radical change is coming – where it leads is up to you.