The Shot Heard Around the Universe - Reading Megagames

2nd November 2019 – Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading

The Terran Space Empire covers the known galaxy, but all is not well in Beyond Sector. Rumblings of discontent and revolution abound; will the Free Colonies hang separately, or together?

Players will mainly represent either the government of one of the worlds of Beyond Sector, or Imperial officials attempting to govern it. Revolutionaries will evade the Ministry of Stability as they attempt to stir the worlds to revolt, while alien raiders bedevil the space lanes.

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Urban Nightmare: London Calling - Chapter 2 - Jim Wallman

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A newly elected Government is in power. All would be well, but for the impact of recent political upheavals – meaning that London’s streets are teeming with protestors of various flavours and opinions, and the police are doing their best with limited resources to keep order, and opposing factions apart.

Not a completely unusual situation in London; BUT, the crowds have become an incubator for a horrific new infection – can this be same Virus-Z that brought the USA to its knees just a few short years ago?

Urban Nightmare is a megagame by Jim Wallman, designer of Watch the Skies.

This run of the game is the conclusion of an exciting two-part narrative. The first half will run in London with Horizon Megagames on the 23rd of November 2019, and events from that game will influence the starting scenario for this one.

Questions that may (or may not) be answered include:

  • Can Downing Street’s defences hold against an encroaching horde – and should the Cabinet evacuate?
  • Should the Queen evacuate?
  • Can the government overcome factional infighting and personal agendas to manage the emerging crisis?
  • How will the hospitals cope?
  • Are those cosplayers, protestors, rioters, looters or actual zombies? And who can we shoot (legitimately)?
  • Can zombies swim?
  • Will my travel to work be affected?
  • Who will the Daily Mail blame?

To book, head over to our Eventbrite page. Regular updates will also be posted on our Facebook event. For any other queries, you can post on the event or contact us right here.

Castles in the Sky - Ed Silverstone - Reading Megagames

Castles in the Sky is still in development – to hear when bookings open, please contact us.

In an alternative, steampunk Renaissance Italy, inventors and engineers compete to push the limits of science, creating artistic marvels, technological wonders and dangerous weapons.

Wealthy patrons compete for control of the best and most prestigious advances, and jockey for political power. In the instability caused by the pace of the change, all bets are off – will you end up on top, or forgotten by history?

Black Ships - Matilde Robinson

Black Ships is still in development – to hear when bookings open, please contact us.

July, 1853 – Commodore Matthew Perry and his fleet arrive off the coast of Japan, triggering an existential crisis for the isolationist Tokugawa Shogunate. The American admiral is determined to open up new markets and create a Pacific trading partner, using force if necessary. Japan gradually divides between isolationist and globalist groups, and the Shogun’s inability to see off the “barbarian” threat pushes the Emperor to prominence in Japanese politics for the first time in almost 700 years.

As long-standing rivalries and resentments re-emerge, rising external and internal pressures threaten to undermine the delicate power balance between the Tokugawa Shogun and Japan’s feudal Daimyō that has kept the country at peace for over 200 years. The outcome of events will determine Japan’s position in the world and the direction of Japanese history for the next century. Radical change is coming – where it leads is up to you.