This is a library of all the games we’ve run in the past – if you would be interested in attending a re-run in the future, or would like to see one of them run near you, please let us know!

Urban Nightmare: London Calling - Chapter 2 - Jim Wallman

The reports have been confirmed – the Z Virus is back. Can you hold London together?

28 days ago, protests in central London turned sinister as the crowds turned out to be incubating the Z Virus, which had such a devastating impact in the USA two years ago. As the Metropolitan Police and Army scrambled to respond, lines of authority blurred, and infighting between City Hall and Downing Street threatened to undermine relief efforts.


After weeks of uncertainty, a cordon has been drawn, and NATO reinforcements have begun to arrive. Can London be reclaimed? Can any of the infected be saved? Will the new Prime Minister hold onto power? One way or another, the next few days will decide.
Urban Nightmare: London Calling 28 Days Later is the second half of a 2-part megagame of crisis management, political infighting and resource scarcity – with zombies.
Player roles include:

  • Prime Minister & Cabinet
  • The Press
  • London Outbreak Crisis Committee (overseeing the crisis)
  • UK Armed Forces
  • NATO Armed Forces
  • Intelligence Services
  • The Mayor and Greater London Authority
  • London’s police forces
  • London Fire Brigade
  • NHS leadership, hospital managers and medical scientists

The Shot Heard Around the Universe

2nd November 2019 – Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading

The Terran Space Empire covers the known galaxy, but all is not well in Beyond Sector. Rumblings of discontent and revolution abound; will the Free Colonies hang separately, or together?

Players will mainly represent either the government of one of the worlds of Beyond Sector, or Imperial officials attempting to govern it. Revolutionaries will evade the Ministry of Stability as they attempt to stir the worlds to revolt, while alien raiders bedevil the space lanes.

The Shot Heard Around the Universe is a megagame by Tim Campbell – if you’re interested in running it elsewhere, you should get in touch with him directly.

Relics Of The Fall - John Keyworth - Reading Megagames - 25th May 2019

The old world is dead, the End Time came and the new world is not a place for the faint of heart.

The Indicus Wilds are a range of mountains that form a barrier between two great nations. To the north, the Steel Empire rules over a freezing desert with an iron fist and a spiked boot. To the south, the Silk City States form a trade network that spans from the deserts in the west to the jungles of the south east.

Within the wilds themselves are the Wilder Societies. Nomads who have chosen to leave the security of Silk or Steel for the hardships and freedoms of the wild mountains. Here they answer to no master.

Arrival (November 2018)

What would happen if aliens arrived on Earth tomorrow? Find out by playing Arrival.

The game explores how the world’s most powerful nations and corporate capitalism would respond to the arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth. The first thing, of course is to try and discover why the aliens are here and taking inspiration from the film of the same name, a major part of the game will involve trying to decipher the alien’s language.

Arrival was designed by Darren Green of Crisis Games, and is an adaptation of the well-known Watch the Skies by Jim Wallman. The Reading run of the game proved eventful, with alien monoliths, corporate sabotage, and the French Foreign Minister being declared President of the World…