This is a library of all the games we’ve run in the past – if you would be interested in attending a re-run in the future, or would like to see one of them run near you, please let us know!

Arrival (November 2018)

What would happen if aliens arrived on Earth tomorrow? Find out by playing Arrival.

The game explores how the world’s most powerful nations and corporate capitalism would respond to the arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth. The first thing, of course is to try and discover why the aliens are here and taking inspiration from the film of the same name, a major part of the game will involve trying to decipher the alien’s language.

Arrival was designed by Darren Green of Crisis Games, and is an adaptation of the well-known Watch the Skies by Jim Wallman. The Reading run of the game proved eventful, with alien monoliths, corporate sabotage, and the French Foreign Minister being declared President of the World…