Cast List – Urban Nightmare: London Calling

Prime Minister Robin Sealey
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sahil Pahuja
Secretary of State for the Home Department Alex Beck
Secretary of State for Defence Mayank Jha
Opposition Party
Leader of the Opposition James MacFarlane
Shadow Defence Secretary
Shadow Home Secretary Sam Drydale
LOCC (London Outbreak Crisis Committee)
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Mili Gupta
Vice Chief of Defence Staff Alex Vince
Government Chief Scientific Advisor William Barton
CEO of London NHS Matt Bambridge
London Fire Commissioner John Attwell
Head of MI5 Harrison Tatem-Wyatt
Special Agent
UK Military
Commander Operation Wellington Tommie Rohs
20 Armoured Infantry Brigade Robert Kemp
16 Air Assault Brigade Linas Kondrackis
NATO Military
Commander of USA Contingent Anthony Howgego
Commander of Canadian Contingent Joseph H
Commander of Dutch Contingent Richard Stephenson
Metropolitan Police
Met Police Gold Commander Esme Moore
Gold Command Operational Staff
Silver Command West Declan
Command West Staff Diggory
Silver Command East Graham van Rensburg
Command East Staff Jonathan Fyfe
NHS London Foundation Trust
London Ambulance Service Darrell Ottery
London Ambulance Service Pallavi Deka
NHS Hospital Trauma Teams Rachel Turner
NHS Epidemiology Research Team Stephen Silverstone
BBC News Editor in Chief Russel Kent
BBC News Political Editor Barbara Croker
Greater London Authority
Mayor of London  Jerry Elsmore
Head of Mayor’s Crisis Team Oliver Moody
Head of Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime Tirion Rees Davies
London Fire Brigade
Head of London Fire & Emergency Planning Sebastian Reid
Fire & Rescue Operational Coordinator Ben Ford
Game Control Jim Wallman
Military Control Matilde Robinson
Political/Intelligence Control Ollie Sliney-Biss
LOCC Control John Mizon
Map/Player Control John Keyworth
Map/Player Control Ed Silverstone
Medical/Science Control Chrissy Sliney-Biss